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The ghost of deadline day past....

It's always interesting when a few years pass and players feel comfortable talking about their former clubs. One of those players who now feels able to talk about his past is former Royals midfielder Stephen Hunt who's given some interesting quotes on a previous deadline day while he was at Reading.

Back in January 2008, Hunt was in high demand with Roy Keane at Sunderland and David Moyes at Everton both sniffing around the Republic of Ireland international. With the club mired in a relegation battle Steve Coppell was determined to hang on to Hunt and turned down all offers, something that according to Hunt he didn't overly enjoy according to quotes taken from Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.

"Sometimes you get nothing by being nice. I didn't kick up a fuss at Reading but I went and spoke to the chief executive. I screamed, I did everything I could to get to Everton.

"I was driving around on deadline day trying to speak to people because I knew they were interested.

"Reading wanted to hold on to me and Steve Coppell knew I wouldn't be a sulker but sometimes I wish I'd thrown my toys out of the pram. Looking back on it, sometimes I regret not doing whatever it took."

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Hardly the most surprising quotes from Hunt but it goes to show the sort of shenanigans that can go on during deadline day.