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Hopes of a busy deadline day for Reading FC fading

Oh Reading you are such teases.

In a similar fashion to last season, Nigel Adkins' hopes of making it a busy deadline day seem to be falling flat. Both Charles Watts from Get Reading and the BBC's Nabil Hassan are reporting that it seems's we're down to just one possible deal, with that man being Crystal Palace forward Glen Murray.

Apparently we've missed out on two other targets, with one heading to a 'top European club' and another set for a Premier League move.

This news has divided Royals fans on Twitter with many once again critical of the club for failing to get more done and others pointing to the fact that we've only narrowly avoided administration and so should be happy with the four signings we've made.

Deadline day is notoriously unpredictable though and until the clock strikes 11 who knows what could happen? We'll keep you posted.