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Wanted: Number friendly person to write for The Tilehurst End

While we like to think we give some pretty detailed analysis and opinion on Reading we're always looking to expand our content. With that in mind we're after someone or a couple of people to help us with a new regular feature we're hoping to put together.

One thing that's been missing from the site has been regular and detailed statistical previews and reviews using the wealth of stats that now exist even for Championship sides.

So if you're someone who's into delving into the numbers, charts and other statistical side of things we'd love to hear from you! You don't necessarily have to have a writing background, all we ask is that you're a committed and enthusiastic writer that's able to commit to a regular schedule.

The exact format, timing and nature of the column is totally negotiable so even if you're simply curious as to what you'd have to do to get involved please let us know.

You can get in touch by sending us an email to