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Media reaction: Fulham (H)

Here we round up what the media have had to say about Reading's 3-0 win over Fulham.

Martin Willetts

Reading Official:

After a few weeks of unconvincing displays, the author didn't have to dress this report up as a convincing display from the Royals! It's a fairly accurate report on the game, full of praise for Reading's star performers, in particular new boy Murray. The manager's comments follow the same vein making a special mention of Murray, Norwood and Akpan. He ends by reminding us that there were 10 absentees for the game, and the Royals can only become stronger as these players return. Everything is positive here then!

Fulham Official:

The Fulham camp leads with a fairly straightforward description of the game. No excuses are made and they even pick out Norwood for praise! Felix Magath pins his side's poor display on Matt Smith's red card, claiming he was pulled down in the first minute by a mystery character, and his dangerous challenge later on was born of frustration. He ends with comments summing up the frustration surrounding the club, something which was clear to see from the away supporters on Saturday.

Sky Sports:

This match report also focuses on the red card as a turning point in the game, but unlike last time out no claim is made that Reading didn't deserve this win! Oddly enough the closest they come to complementing the Royals is by saying that they 'won at a canter', which seemed a shame as Reading produced their best performance of the season so far. The majority of the piece focuses on Fulham's woes and the pressure on Magath's position in the Fulham hot seat.

Who Scored:

This set of statistics fits the story of the game with Reading dominating the shot count and possession while completing nearly twice as many passes (616 v 346) as Fulham. I think this shows a glimpse of Adkins' vision of the future of Reading Football Club as a passing side. It's exciting to watch when it goes right, we can only hope this form is here to stay!