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TOTW: Post gaffe, Sweeney's face, and Beckham

Tweets of the Week returns after two weeks out with a lovely little package containing the likes of Pearce's goal for Ireland, Pierce's face for Ireland, and David Beckham in general. Swoon.

Jamie Squire

We start with the Reading Post's... Error.

On-form defender Alex Pearce notches a goal on nternational duty.

Last one, we promise. Sir John takes the Ice Bucket Challenge.


Double birthday. N'awwww so adorbz.

GetReading Royals reported Charles Watts is a father. Congratulations!

Harking back to the good old days, here.

Young Irish defender Pierce Sweeney doesn't take a good selfie.

Murray's debut was the stuff of dreams, as Reading beat Fulham.

*David Beckham klaxon*

Young keeper shaves. Regrets.

Big Hec wins the official Player of the Month for August — despite Aaron Kuhl being the winner for us here at The Tilehurst End.

Turns out Alfie and Morro might be missing us more than we're missing them...


... and that's your lot.