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Media reaction: Sheffield Wednesday (A)

So after so much pain last year against the Owls , the Royals were left again this year wondering what might have been. Here's what the media have had to say after the 1-0 defeat.

Sheffield Wednesday

Reading Official:

The message of the match report is how unlucky Reading were this weekend. It highlights the many near misses, and tries to show that there has to be some sympathy for Nigel Adkins and his team. Adkins too highlights his disappointment after a display which on another day could have been enough for much more. Refreshingly, in neither the managers comments nor the match report are any excuses are made for the defeat. Gone are the constant reminders of the young age of much of the squad, or the fact we have a long injury list! Thank goodness for that!

Sheffield Wednesday Official:

The match report here gives a good review of the game, crediting Reading with creating chances and Westwood for his man of the match performance. I think Westwood's comments sum it up nicely, highlighting that it really could have gone either way, with lady luck favouring his side this weekend.

Sky Sports:

Having looked around in vain for a good neutral match report I have come to the conclusion that despite the huge turnout at Hillsborough, this game failed to grab the national media's attention. Most of the articles I found were almost identical to each other with a few words changed and no really analysis or opinion!

Who Scored:

There short match summary highlighted a few interesting bits about the game this weekend. Both sides creating many of their opportunities from set plays, with Reading in particular only managing 3 shots from open play. Both the number of passes and the number of long balls were very similar for the teams, showing the closely fought battle which was going on this weekend. With no Reading players in their 5 top performers, it shows that despite a good team performance, a bit of individual quality was missing this weekend, with no one able to create a bit of magic.