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The Tilehurst End Round-Up: 15-21 September

Well, that was a hectic week. When you're on a wind-down, go back through what we've published for your pleasure this week.

Ben Hoskins

Royals Left in Limbo

We started the week with Simeon providing us with his opinion on who should play on the left of midfield for the Royals, given the absence of Jobi McAnuff.

Reading Player of the Month Results - August 2014

Jonny popped his head round the corner in TTE Towers and screamed with glee that (insert name here) won the August Player of the Month award.

Reading v Millwall: Full Coverage

We covered the Millwall game in full detail and swiftly tucked it to bed, as we swiftly focussed ahead on the Sheffield Wednesday game.

TOTW: Post gaffe, Sweeney's face & Beckham

Hoops (I) returned with Tweets of the Week and basically just swooned.

Reading FC Loan Report: September 18th

George isn't so flames anymore, but he's totally puntastic under his new moniker TalkMurtyToMe. Anyway, despite the Twitter change, he's still compiling those loan reports we all love.

It's awards season and the The Tillehurst End needs your support!

The FBAs are back, and this time we mean business. Vote for us. We'll love you forever.

Royals News Bites - 19th September

Good and faithful Jenna brings us the best of the news from around the globe (maybe not the globe) with the emphasis on the Royals. Get in.

Club Confirm Takeover

You won't have missed this, but the Thai takeover has been confirmed. Everyone here at TTE Towers wept with joy.

Sheffield Wednesday v Reading: Full Coverage

After the encouraging Millwall victory, we came back down to earn with a bump against Sheffield Wednesday. Read our full coverage of the game here.

The Tilehurst End Podcast - Episode 35: Chris Casper Interview & Post Deadline Wrap-up

My word, we here at The Tilehurst End don't just like to treat your eyes to some succulent articles, but we get in your ears too, with the sweet, sweet tones of former Royal Chris Casper featuring in this week's The Tilehurst End Podcast. Lush.