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Madejski: Anton era partly my fault, Mad Stad could be renamed

Sir John Madejski, Co-Chairman of Reading FC has spoken to GetReading about the Zingarevich era and a potential Stadium rename in the future.

Scott Heavey

Speaking to GetReading, Sir John Madejski seems intent on putting the past behind him with these quotes taken by the paper:

"As everybody knows it wasn't a particularly brilliant time for the football club.

"I've shouldered some of the blame for that because it was diabolical in hindsight.

"Anton came with the right intentions. I think he thought he could do things he couldn't, but quite frankly I don't want to dwell on the past now.

"I wish him all the best for the future."

And, looking ahead to the future of the Thai reign, he said the Madejski Stadium could be renamed—if a wealthy sponsor can be found:

"If they can find a sponsor who's going to spend a lot of money on the naming rights then that will happen and so it should."

"They are ambitious to develop, not just at the club but also the area which they really like.

"They are already talking about different educational and property links so a lot will take place over the coming years."

Read GetReading's article here.

How would you feel if the Madejski Stadium was to be renamed? Leave a comment below—it's simple.