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Media Wrap - Reading FC v Middlesbrough

The first home game of 2015 brought a 0-0 draw to the Madejski, meaning that at least we remain unbeaten in 2015! Here's a round-up of the media thoughts on the game.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Starting this week with Sky Sports, they gave the game a fairly comprehensive write up. However, being called "lowly Reading" does grate a bit, and yet they do get it right by saying that the first half was largely forgettable- when the tempo increased in the second, it proved more of a spectacle.

They are also the first to mention, what I am sure will be a theme throughout this report, the stunning performance of Adam Federici, who seemed as per usual to be on a one man mission to stop Boro.

The Teeside Gazette, gives a factual report on the game, seeming a little lacking in passion... However, this is understandably a little biased towards Boro- they do run with the headline "Boro dominate but can't find way through," which does add a little confirmation to the steel that Reading's defence seem to have discovered in recent weeks.

The BBC are back to their short reports on the Royals, but given that the game ended 0-0 that's understandable. Again, our national broadcaster mentions that Federici earned us the point, and the brief interview with Steve Clarke gives testament to how he was inspired in goal.

If you have a spare eight seconds you could head over to TalkSport, where we get a one-line review of the game.

Clubcall do there usual getting a feed of Sky, that report is here, and it is interesting that there is an option to read more about Boro, but nothing for us?

The Northern Echo give us a fairly good write up - this time it's a "dogged" display rather than "lowly" Reading, again praising Fed's and saying that Boro probably edged the first half. But, they credit Reading with coming out with a purpose and the bit between our teeth in the second, which again is probably a fair reflection.

Charlie Watts again does a good job for GetReading, and this is the only report to mention that Jem Karacan managed to get some game time, it is good to see our Captain back on the field again.

Well, I am hoping that we get a resounding win at Fulham to get us some column inches, as mid table obscurity seems to be the status quo with us at the moment. Hopefully the boys will sort that out come Saturday!