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Drenthe On The Move?

All noises coming from the Dutchman's camp indicate he's departing the club.

Drenthe's on the way
Drenthe's on the way
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

The egocentric former Real Madrid winger looks to be finally on his way out of the club after a whirlwind fortnight.

Royston Drenthe has already in 2015 returned from his loan spell at Sheffield Wednesday and looked to be on his way to China, only for the move to seemingly stall.

However, a move now seems to be on as Drenthe has been updating his loyal fans with his whereabouts since late last night.

Last night he sent a Snapchat out captioned, "Leaving n****" with a hand emoji, and since then has sent out various videos.

Latest developments show the maverick travelling through an airport with his agent and lawyer.

After some quick investigative work, there are flights from Heathrow to Shanghai at 1.30pm this afternoon, or there's a Beijing departure at 4.30pm.

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