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TOTW: ***mings Sold, Drenthe Departs

Hoops is back with Embeds of the Week.

Getty Images/Getty Images

Whaaaaassssaaapppppppp? Let's begin.

Club legend Fozzy has become a manager. Give it a few years and he'll be linked with the Reading job.

The club wanted to do something special to commemorate Karacan's return to first team action. One sharp-eyed fan got all health and safety on their butts.

Great to see him back, eh?

Stepping onto @TalkMurtyToMe's Loan Watch turf here, but I'm a maverick.

Meanwhile Federici's man of the match award earned him the favour of a fan.

*sigh* Look at 'em, the lovely couple.

TTE Editorial Team member Bucks Royal gets called the wrong name by the club. This makes it onto the feature because I've got the power.

Shaun ***mings has left the club, ladies and gentlemen.

The farewell messages fly in.

The Royals finally made the tellybob.

Drenthe news, Drenthe news everywhere.

We're not the Biscuits, we're the Biscuitmen. Get it right.

Crucial update from Clarke on the transfer window. Crucial.