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Media Wrap: Reading FC v Fulham FC

A gut wrenching defeat in the last seconds of the game... Here is what the media made of Reading's 2-1 loss at the Cottage.

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

A stoppage time winner is either one of two things: elation, or gut wrenching despair. Starting with SkySports this week, they make the game sound an exciting affair, with Reading storming out of the blocks. A lot of the focus is on the fact that the two opening goal scorers hadn't scored this year and that at the end of the game Fulham looked more like scoring... There are also the video highlights from Sky in this one.

The BBC focus on the point that Ruiz cost £10.6 million- which you could probably spend on our starting 11 and have change. They label the goal as occurring in "Dramatic Finish", a worrying stat that the BBC highlight is that this moves Fulham to 15th and Reading 4 places above the drop zone..... It would be an interesting exercise (hello Mr Editor!)* to do a comparison between the two clubs on how much players where signed for to see the difference.
*[ed: Don't look at me...].

Fulham FC's official site give a fairly detailed account of the game, focusing a little on the Pog trying to do a demolition job on the Fulham players, but from a Fulham point of view this gives a fairly good account of the game.

It's only fair to balance out the Fulham version with the Reading FC take on it, (notice that they have nicked the bullet point summary at the top) and again it's a focus on our effort, and it's heartbreaking result to take as well as a bitter pill to swallow (get all the cliches in guys!).

The Guardian are a little disappointing this week, were we are relegated to one line in a bullet point. However, London 24 spend most of the report looking at Fulham's transfer and player movements, but they do mention that Steve Clarke was "distraught" at losing the game, also Clubcall take the same article.

A number of sites take the Sky Sports coverage of the game, such as ESPN and Sporting life, however we can always rely on the West London Sport website to give a really Fulham-centric view of the game!

Bringing us bang up to the minute with a decent report- and one that runs to more than two paragraphs- is Charles Watts. He gives us a thorough understanding of the game with GetReading's report, followed, as always, by our own report by Bucks Royal on the Tilehurst End site (which is still one of the best!).

I am hoping for a thoroughly good game at Cardiff on Saturday not only to get us through to the next round of the cup, but also to get us some column inches!

Catch you all next report!