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Millwall v Reading FC Squad Selector: The Results

Reading face Millwall at the New Den tonight in what many have described as a crucial encounter for Reading's season. Earlier in the week we gave you the chance to choose the team that Steve Clarke should send out, so here are the results.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

The squad saw a bit of change to its availability this week, with an injury and two departures to note. Chris Gunter picked up a calf strain against Cardiff, whereas Craig Tanner left for Wimbledon on loan and Royston Drenthe finally left for Kayseri Erciyesspor. With that in mind, here is the team that you chose to line up in South London tonight.

<iframe width="350" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";a=40231&amp;t=&amp;c=0700db&amp;1=GK_Federici__388_174&amp;2=DL_Obita__317_64&amp;3=DCL_Pearce__327_138&amp;4=DCR_Hector__327_211&amp;5=DR_Kelly__317_284&amp;6=DML_Williams__240_138&amp;7=DMR_Chalobah__240_211&amp;8=AL_Robson-Kanu__158_78&amp;9=AC_Norwood__151_174&amp;10=AR_McCleary__158_269&amp;11=FCA_Pogrebnyak__80_174&amp;c2=ffffff&amp;c3=ffffff&amp;output=embed"></iframe>

Subs: Andersen, Cooper, Travner, Karacan, Guthrie, Blackman, Cox.


The choice of formation was split across several options, but 4-2-3-1 came out the comfortable winner with 43%. Behind that, 26% of you opted for a 4-3-3, with the old favourite 4-4-2 only getting 17% of the vote.

Starting XI

Choosing the goalkeeper has been more of a formality than a real debate this season, and Adam Federici maintained his popularity by taking home 99% of the vote. As for the rest of the defence, Stephen Kelly demonstrated the temporary lack of options at right back with a haul of 96% - impressive when you consider how little football he's had this season. Similarly, 89% of you picked Jordan Obita to continue at left back - a choice that has been debated less and less since Steve Clarke took over. Predictably, Alex Pearce (99%) and Michael Hector (94%) were your choices at centre half.

There were also four very popular picks for the midfield. In the middle, Danny Williams (88%) partners new signing Nathaniel Chalobah (85%), seeing off any competition from Jem Karacan or Danny Guthrie. Meanwhile, 93% of you rewarded Oliver Norwood's man of the match display against Cardiff by picking him for this evening.

Things get a little more complicated for the other attacking choices. With Norwood playing through the middle as he did at the weekend, Garath McCleary took 98% of the vote and a space on the right wing, with Pavel Pogrebnyak's recent revival recognised by 87% of you.

However, there was a real split amongst you for the final place in the team. An encouraging display from Nick Blackman's (45%) 82 minutes in South Wales wasn't enough to earn your favour this time round though, with Hal Robson-Kanu (52%) getting the edge thanks to his match-winning cameo. Interestingly, players who had been regulars earlier this season have very much gone off the boil. Joint top scorer Simon Cox got 28% of the vote, with poor Jake Taylor only being picked by one of you.


With that all considered, choosing the subs' bench was pretty straightforward, although Mikkel Andersen managed to narrowly see off a challenge from Dan Lincoln by 98% to 1%.

Steve Clarke's first permanent signing Jure Travner took Stephen Kelly's place with 72%, with Jake Cooper getting 83%. Club captain Jem Karacan (88%), Danny Guthrie (55%), Nick Blackman (51%) and Simon Cox (70%) were your other substitute choices. Coming relatively close to a place was Dominic Samuel, who earned a respectable 39%.