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TOTW: Lineker Snark and Drenthe Saga

@RoyalHoops returns with a bumper edition of Tweets of the Week. C'mon then, you beauties.

Steve Clarke threatens someone who said they didn't like Tweets of the Week.
Steve Clarke threatens someone who said they didn't like Tweets of the Week.
Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

After a fortnight collecting tweets from the Twittersphere, it's safe to say there are some absolute crackers in this edition of Tweets of the Week.

We'll start with former Royals boss being a bit of a positive geezer. Very unusual.

Then we have two celebrities getting snarky.

And snark from a fan, too.

Jake Cooper: Goal Machine.

Birthday BouBou-y Jimmy Kebe... What? You stop it.

Twice in one edition. This Zac fella was on top form.

Danny Guthrie (supposedly) has joined Twitter, but all we know is he has a TV mounted on a wall and a pair of legs.

DRENTHE SAGA PART ONE: Will he or won't he? Oh, please won't he?

Shocking stat, brought to you by this geezer.


ANOTHER birthday. Sheesh.

Royals splash the cash with a phenomenal signing of—eh?

Invading on @TalkMurtyToMe's turf yet again, loan news.

Three birthdays. Flippin' 'eck.

Steve Clarke, did you fall from heaven because—no, OK.

DRENCH SAGE PART TWO: On Drenthe's departure confirmation, this was stupendous.

Poor lamb.


Cryptic wink by Kebe, this.

DRENTHE SAGA PART THREE: He scored on his debut.

STRALYA DAY. Hurrah, crikey mate, gerr'a barbie oot.

FA CUP FIFTH ROUND: Who will we get? Will it be Bradford, the return of Park—Derby? Are you... !@"£$£%£$&Q serious?!

Lineker, after his earlier snark, now drops our ball.

And finally, the battle of Reading FC reporters... Commence!

Charles lost.