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FA Cup Ref-Watch: Huddersfield (A)

You wanted it, so here it is. Will there be another one? Probably not. It's FA Cup Ref-Watch, featuring Phil Gibbs. And he's got vanishing spray...

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Students across the country go back to school on Monday after the Christmas holidays, and the players of Reading and Huddersfield Town will feel what it's like for their young supporters, with former assistant head teacher Phil Gibbs in charge at the John Smith's Stadium.

The West Midlands official has been on the Football League's (detetion) list since the 2008-09 season, but has only ever taken charge of one Reading (book) game, when we won 1-0 away to Burnley in October 2011.

This term, he has reffed 16 games, giving out 45 yellow (report) cards, but brandishing the red just the once, putting Morecambe's Jamie Devitt in the (Maths) book in their 3-1 loss to Wycombe.

He has (head teacher's) offic(e)iated in the previous two rounds of the FA Cup, but is taking charge of a 3rd round (school) tie for the first time ever in his career, just a shame he's got the most boring one (+2 =3).

He's pointed to the spot for a foul in the (lunch) box three times in 2013-14, and all penalties have been converted (into metric units).

So who will pass the exam, get in detention and go into the next (play g)round? Over to you Mr Gibbs.

"Good af-ter-noon ev-ry-body..."

*I apologise greatly for all the school related puns - I had to do something to make this game slightly more entertaining.

**There's also something else that will make the game more entertaining - Gibbs will be using the infamous vanishing spray for the first time. First used at the World Cup, it will now feature in all FA Cup and Championship games for the rest of the season.