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Millwall 0-0 Reading FC: Media Wrap

South London on a Tuesday night in January, a 0-0 frustrating draw for the Royals, a reckless challenge for a red card, this is how the media reported (or didn't) it.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

So it was back to league action with an away game pushed back to the Tuesday due to the Royals' continuing FA Cup run. First up, as usual, we have the BBC focusing on Millwall's relegation trouble, and that Holloway fielded six of his January signings. They reckon that Millwall had the chances to get an unlikely win, which being at the game I find a little hard to fathom.

SkySports follow a similar theme, but they do mention the chance we had of a penalty in the first half. I can't really comment as I haven't seen it back, and the big Russian had two other chances straight at Forde in the Millwall goal. They also call Nelson's tackle a "crazy late challenge" which goes some way to contradicting Holloways stance on it.

Looking around other reports we have London News Shopper (I ain't making that up) with a report on Holloway's take on the red card, and criticising the referee for not giving them anything. Saying that, there were a few meaty challenges going on!

As usual, ESPN FC lend from Sky's report, but if you click on the links - for all you stat fans out there - there are some nice graphs showing where the shots where taken from (including TWO from Millwall).

The Daily Mail give a good report of the game, this time focusing on the positive aspects of Reading's play, mentioning that we dominated without actually posing a goal threat. They also mention the sending off and Clarke's interview afterwards saying that in this day and age it's always a red. Whereas when he (Clarke) was playing, it  wouldn't have been a free kick.

TeamTalkClubcall and the London Evening Standard all carry the Sky report, but it is interesting to look at the Millwall perspective. To be fair the fan's site give a fairly balanced and upbeat view of the game, albeit a little in Millwall's favour, whilst the Tilehurst End's comments are a bit more conservative and look at that fact that we really didn't create much.

In comparison, the the official sites' verdicts of the game are a little more interesting, with Millwall's site saying that a gutsy (true), hard battled (again true) display earned them a well deserved point. On the other hand, the Reading site say that despite being the best team in the first half and dominating possession in the second, we couldn't break down a 10 man Millwall side.

Given that there were four games last night in the Championship, the effort that TalkSport have gone to (given that they are a SPORT website) is pretty dismal. At least we are third on their list and I do feel sorry for the Sheffield Wednesday v Birmingham game, as we got a paragraph (well, three lines) and their report didn't even get a full sentence! TalkSport: hang your heads in shame.

Charles Watts report for GetReading as usual is a 'warts and all' look at the game and, to paraphrase him, "a night of frustration" was pretty much bang on the money. He also says that we were a little toothless up front, but given the poor service from the wings that isn't a great shock.

My favourite site at the moment for football reporting has really let me down this time with the Guardian hardly mentioning our game - again given that there were only 4 games last night. Where is my match report? Where is my nice summary box? Tsk.

Finally for this report I will finish with VitalFootball's take on the game, which is a little harsh on Pog given that few of his attempts were easy ones to convert. I also think that the report is tinged with a little frustration - a word that has been apparent through all the reports.

The summary from Tuesday night's game from the reports - frustration, lack of quality crosses and good attempts on goal. This will need to be rectified if we are to push on this season.

On to Sheffield Wednesday at home, the last game before the transfer window slams shut. It will be interesting to see if we have any new faces for that game or indeed who we will sign (if anyone).