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McCarthy Comments On Royals' Crowd

Former Reading goalkeeper Alex McCarthy has praised the support of the Loftus Road faithful, saying it compares favourably with that of the Madejski Stadium.

Alex McCarthy enjoying the Loftus Road atmosphere on his only league appearance for QPR
Alex McCarthy enjoying the Loftus Road atmosphere on his only league appearance for QPR
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

One time England third choice goalkeeper Alex McCarthy's comments about the atmospheres at QPR and Reading are likely to generate comments from both sets of fans.

In the tweet below, QPR's reserve 'keeper praises Rangers' home support in their role in the Loftus Road side's impressive recent home form:

Few Reading fans would probably disagree with McCarthy's comments.

In the time that the Guilford born stopper was involved with the Royals' first team, from autumn 2008 to August last year, there were a definite decline in excitement and passion at the Madejski Stadium.

Reading's incredible surge to the Championship title in 2012 did briefly see some atmosphere return to the Madejski Stadium, but that was during McCarthy's loan spell at Ipswich Town.

Goal Music

Since making the short journey up the M4, McCarthy has had plenty of chance to take in the lively atmosphere at Loftus Road, starting only one league game for the fake hoops.

Being in the Premier League always helps improve the atmosphere, and it seems Rangers' fan are relishing seeing their team putting in battling performances compared to their pathetic efforts last time in the big time (finishing below a woefully out-of-their-depth Reading was some achievement).

To be fair to QPR, you cannot fail to be impressed by the atmosphere at Loftus Road when the home side scores. Has any team so embraced goal music like the West Londoners?

The very structures of their wonderful ground (one of the few stadiums left in the top two divisions in England with any character) seem to move when the home fans all joyfully jump and sing to Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag. By comparison, these days at the Madejski Stadium you're lucky to see some fans even stand up let alone join in with Chase The Sun.

So Reading fans, should we start to embrace our own goal music like our fellow blue and white hoop wearing supporters? Would it improve the atmosphere or are their betters ways to bring some noise back to the Mad Stad? Or should we just accept that we're far too civilised to get too excited about something as trivial as a goal in a middle table season? Let us know below.