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Ref-Watch: Middlesborough (H)

Ref-Watch returns for Reading's first league and home game of 2015, and the man in the middle against Middlesborough will be the very 19th century sounding Charles Breakspear.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Last week Reading had the honour (I use the term in a very loose sense) of being part of Phil Gibbs' first ever FA Cup Third Round Tie, and this week we will host Charles Breakspear's first Championship game of the season, and only his second ever.

Since being promoted to a Football League official at the beginning of last season, the only other second division game he has officiated was Ipswich's 1-0 win over Bolton in February last year.

So far in 2014-15, he has officiated 17 games, but hasn't taken to the field since Boxing Day. Coming out of his pocket have been 53 yellow cards and seven yellow cards, an average of 3.5 cards per game.

Throughout his two and a half year spell as a referee, Breakspear has liked to brandish the red often, giving nine in 25 games last season, and six in 26 in 2012-13, when he showed two in one game twice. Overall, the Surrey official has only once gone a whole game without giving a card of either colour.

Not forgetting penalties, he has pointed to the spot on five occasions this season, and the result has been a goal every time.

Charles has also officiated on the international stage. Well, an England C match against the Czech Republic in 2013 counts doesn't it?

With Breakspear's name sounding like a character from a 19th century novel and the fact that Reading can be pronounced 'Reeding' in a different context, the result of this game can only go one way surely? Or that's just me making an unnecessary link and prediction. As always.