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View From The Town End: Fulham FC

Fulham away is always one of the best trips in the Championship but what can we expect from our hosts tomorrow?

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Andrew from fellow SB Nation site Cottagers Confidential gives us the Fulham view ahead of tomorrow's game with Reading at Craven Cottage.

How would you sum up Fulham's season so far?

Not great. The squad seems very talented, but the results aren't yet there. On the plus side the offense has been about as good as it was last year (on pace for 69 goals vs 62 last year). And the defense has been much improved (on pace to concede 65 goals vs 83). Unfortunately they're only on pace for 54 points, which would put them in about the same position.

When we spoke to you in the pre-season you predicted you'd be scrapping for a play-off spot, have you seen anything to change that view?

I still think the team has the talent to be in the top six. Results aren't agreeing. Why is that? Some think it's coaching. Maybe it's luck. Maybe the players simply aren't as good as we think. It's still possible. If Fulham manage 20 points in the 11 games between now and Christmas, they'd be back on pace for 75 points which would put them back in contention for a playoff spot. If they manage less than 15, I don't think it will be feasible at all.

Any fond memories of games between the sides?

The game I remember best was almost exactly three years ago. It was a 3-3 draw at Madejski Stadium. I remember it most because I think that game almost killed me. There were three goals scored in the last five minutes. It might not have been the best result for Fulham, but I'm not sure I've ever been more entertained.

Any less fond ones?

My least favorite memory was from that same season. In May, Fulham were in a malaise that would continue and lead to their relegation. They almost came back to get a result, but in the end blew the game. You could see the foundations crumbling then, and I always wonder if the team could have pulled things together there what would have been different.

Which Fulham player should we be worried about on Saturday?

The one player to fear that you might not know is Moussa Dembele. He's young, hungry, and already a beast at striker. He may be willing to sign a new contract at Fulham, but even so, I don't think he's the kind of player Fulham can hold onto long term. We should enjoy him while he's here, before he goes to a big club to sit on the bench.

Any Reading player you're not looking forward to facing?

Can I say Orlando Sa? Will he play? There were high hopes for him when he came to Fulham (I think he ended up winning the Golden Boot for me in a FIFA season). But he never lived up to the expectations. I'm really interested in seeing what he's like now.

Score prediction?

I think Fulham win 2-0. It's about time for them to have a decent performance. Kit Symons also seems to have a knack for getting a result and doing just enough to avoid getting sacked.

Finally, any advice for Reading fans making the trip?

I've only been to Craven Cottage for a match once myself, but it was a great experience. If the weather is nice, take the underground to Putney Bridge and then Walk through Bishop's Park to the ground. It's probably not the shortest way to Craven Cottage, but it's the most fun. I'd also try to avoid needing to use the bathroom while you're at the game. Craven Cottage is a very old stadium and nothing gives that away more than the bathrooms.

Thanks again to Andrew and you can follow the guys from CC on Twitter @cottagersc