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Fulham 4-2 Reading FC: The Alternative View

A Saturday trip to West London, a two goal lead and we blew it. Views from the social and media viewpoints are here.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

In midweek we had a tough trip to Yorkshire and came back with a draw after a second half blip. A trip to a Fulham side who have been at best inconsistent seemed to be the perfect remedy, backed up by a very noisy 4,000 fans from Berkshire.

At half time and a 0-1 lead, which quickly turned into 0-2 and most Reading fans were wondering how many we would score against an up-to-that-point, pretty woeful Fulham side.

I don’t think there is anyone who expected the next six minutes of carnage, and a back four that had been reliable all season, suddenly turned into a Sunday league side who looked like they have never played together before.

There has been enough said about this game from the Reading side and it’s interesting to read the tweets of the Fulham faithful prior, during and after the game. Mostly around Kit Symons and his rumoured sacking at half time. How much this is true, probably will never be told, but something certainly gave the Fulham players a boot up the backside.

So sit down, console yourself and lets take a look at the Fulham view.


Symons was already dominating the headlines, with numerous fans already wanting him gone.

Hope this guy did the lottery numbers on Saturday!

As always our away kit gets interesting tweets and this week is no different.

So onto the game itself and at 0-2.

3-2 all change.

However how much of this was by Symons who was rumoured to have been told he was getting the boot at halftime...

We have to, however give Fulham Credit for a decent comeback.

However, please do not give up the day job!

Ok, so that’s the twittersphere dealt with. Onto more jolly reading, what did the press say!


As you can imagine, after having lead 2-0, then getting beat 4-2, most of the outlets picked up on it. So take a deep breath and let’s see what’s been said.

Starting with the national mainstream press and the Guardian, lead with it was a "remarkable" comeback and all the press is around 19 year old Dembele, whose contract is nearly up. Clarke makes the point in this and many other articles about not talking to the players straight after the game… Read into that what you want!

Given that we gave a 2-0 lead away the Daily Mail is fairly nice to us! However they do call it a thriller and have some really good pictures on the site.

SkySports lead with Dembele inspiring a fightback, but also give credit to McCormack on scoring the first goal and getting Fulham back into it. They also comment on Fulham should have had a 5th, apart from a good goal line clearance.

Football League World win the award for stating the obvious. Reading should shoot more and our defense can be broken. However that is a point, for 30 minutes we did try and score the perfect goal with some nice intricate play. As good as it looked maybe we should have shot more?

The strangest write-up of the day comes from the Derby Telegraph who give us 5 lines, quickly followed on with Clubcall and Sportinglife who carry an abridged version of the Sky Report but with differing reactions and photos.

TalkSport have a similar report, but to get a mention on TalkSport in itself is a major honour! Sportmole carry on their regular good work with half time and full time reports, ESPN FC carry their usual Sky version but with a fair amount of stats.

The BBC usually factual and little else, this week give us some inches, but mostly about Fulham, however they do carry an article with Clarke saying that he needs to look at himself (bit of advice Steve, take a good look at your back 4 and how they let you down).

Finally we move onto GetReading and TheTilehurstEnd. Both as usual full of information, however I would recommend @BucksRoyals Further Reading, as this does as always give a good analysis of the game. Charles as usual has his no holds barred iPhone video report, and a full report being the only article I have seen calling it a "capitulation" which is probably as honest as it gets.

So onto Brighton, easy eh. If nothing else we will need a full bloodied effort against the league leaders, and it will be interesting to see if there are any team changes. As usual I will be back after the game with the Seagulls' fans views, news and comments.