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Away Days Episode 3 - Cardiff City

It's been a while but our intrepid away days crew are back. Find out what they made of last weekend's trip to Cardiff.

Well... That was dreadful.

So after short break away from going away, we decided to go to Cardiff and let's say... It was one of the worst decision's that we could've made. The team showed a lack of effort and we never looked as if we wanted to win this one. There was no individual who I would single out as an individual who was particularly bad but instead the whole team lacked quality bar Ali Al-Habsi.

Al-Habsi was the main reason why we didn't come away with a bigger loss. He made multiple saves that kept us in the game and was clearly Reading's man of the match. The worst player on the pitch though was Michael Hector, and I feel bad saying that because he was clearly by far one of our best players last year, but maybe he's got Chelsea on his mind because this season, I can't see why he's earned that move.

One player who we missed today was Paul McShane and you could tell. Every set piece that came into the box, Cardiff won, but if McShane was there I think it would have been a different story.

So it's five without a win now and next time you see us here it will be for Nottingham Forest, so hopefully we can turn things around by then, Commonwatch.0.html URZZZ!