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View From The Town End: Dillon Powers

As well as having a cool name, Dillon Powers has proved himself a decent footballer in the MLS. We asked someone who's watched plenty of him over the past few years what Reading might expect from the midfielder.

John from our fellow SB Nation site Burgundy Wave who cover the Colorado Rapids, was kind enough to give us a few thoughts on what Reading might expect from trialist Dillon Powers should he sign this January.

What are Dillon's main strengths as a player?

Dillon has terrific vision on the pitch and is able to move the ball in around players and find the open man in the final third of the pitch. He is very aggressive when in possession, will continually fight for a ball and  do everything in his power (pardon the pun) to get the ball when not in possession. He has an engine that's always moving and Powers will leave everything he's got on the pitch. He's also got a very powerful and accurate foot and is extremely poised on set pieces, as our regular set piece taker.

Where does he usually play for the Rapids?

His natural position is attacking midfield where he acts as the play-maker on the pitch. You could compare him to a number ten, and that would not be unfair, but he's more physical then a typical 10. He's also played defensive midfielder, out on the wing and has dabbled as a striker as well during his time in Denver.

What are his main weaknesses?

Dillon is great when he's in the centre of the pitch, but does struggle when played out wide. His creativity lends itself to being in the middle and when he plays outside he seems lost and not as sure of himself. He's happy to do a job out wide but has said on a number of occasions that he's more comfortable in the middle.

If you could compare him to another well known player who would it be?

A player that comes to mind is Cesc Fabregas in that style of play. I'm certainly not saying Dillon is Cesc or vice-versa but he demonstrates some of the same technical abilities of a Fabregas, but a more raw version.

What about him off the field, any nicknames or stories to share?

Dillon is a very quiet person on an off the pitch and is generally reserved. He comes from Texas in the US and went to the University of Notre Dame for college football and carries himself as a professional both on and off the pitch, so you won't hear of much controversy from him. The one thing that I will say is that he LOVES Chipotle Mexican Grill and has often been found serving meals there for the local community.

Finally how do you think he'd cope in the Championship?

I think that is ultimately what this trial comes down to. The Championship is a brutal division in English football with clubs that are ultimately trying to make the Premier League and the financial payday that comes with that. To have a club as big as Reading looking at Powers is a great thing for him. Dillon has the technical ability to compete with other players and teams in the division, but has been playing with a Rapids team that has struggled mightily in the last two years (if the USA had relegation the Rapids would have been relegated to the second division).

I do worry about the step up in competition that he will face, but he certainly can handle it. He is not a player that gets worried about playing against more technical players that MLS has now (Drogba, Gerrard, Villa, etc) and has confidence in his ability to make the plays he needs to make. He has expressed interest in moving to Europe at some point and he is 24 years old and the timing seems right. He is a player that can come in and help Reading in their promotion push.

Thanks again to John as you can follow the Rapids, who count Kevin Doyle as one of their players at the Burgundy Wave or on Twitter @Burgundywave