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Steve Clarke Approval Rating - November 2015 Results

Despite Reading's recent poor run of form, you're still feeling good about Steve Clarke's reign.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

With a rating this time round of 3.61/5, your opinion of Clarke has dropped to its lowest since the end of last season. After the raft of summer signings and the run of great results against potential promotion rivals, the Royals have struggled of late but there's certainly no need to panic - and that's reflected in how you've voted.

For comparison, you awarded him 4.23 after one month of the season, whilst 3.5 was the magic number just after Reading had reached the FA Cup Semi Final, though the poor league form will have had a big say on that too.

Thanks for voting - we'll run another one of these around the New Year to see how you're feeling heading into 2016. This month's results, and our ratings tracker, are below (click for a larger version).