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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: Robson-Kanu's Aisle And Transfer Banter

It's been TOO FRICKIN' LONG, HOOPS. Gosh darn it.


I'm going to open up this edition of Tweets of the Week with a gif. Consider it an apology gif.


Truly, I am sorry. It's been THREE FRICKIN' WEEKS since the last edition and a whole bunch of great stuff has happened and not been covered. Consider me whacked on the botty and put on the naughty step.


Okay, so now that's out of the way let's head into the deep and beautiful world of Twitter with the best tweets from the past THREE FRICKIN' WEEKS.



Great bants.

Mockery... That worked well! (We drew.)

Deserved. #UKnoHeScoresGoalz, as the kids would tweet.

Oooh, Reading FC, you've gone all fancy with your gifs. Like I did at the start of this edition of Tweets of the Week.

Gorkss! What a hero.

McShane inspired by Sherwood? I Sherwood-n't say that.

Meanwhile, Watts also opens up former Chronicle reporter Paul for ridicule. Shocking. (/sarcasm)

Cardiff summarised in one tweet.

Dillon Powers joined Reading on trial, so naturally Kevin Doyle's insight into the player is "dodgey vegan".

Spillage in the Hal Robson-Kanu aisle...

This next chunk of tweets is probably one of my favourite ever. Enjoy.

Great work, everyone.

This following chunk is also up there. Charles has pretty much been the cornerstone of Tweets of the Week today.

Dom Samuel went on loan and immediately picked up where he left off in League One last season.

Fosu also impressed.


Ireland qualify!


We'll finish with a selection of reactions to the tragedy in Paris.

Needless to say, everyone involved with The Tilehurst End send out their best to those affected by the tragedy.

That's your lot.

See you next week. Hopefully.