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Steve Clarke's Talks With Fulham 'Total Lunacy', Say Fans

Is Steve Clarke a hypocrite, or has Peter Odemwingie just had a lasting effect on his mental state?

Oh, how the tables have turned. Reports emerged earlier this week that Reading FC boss Clarke is on the move to Fulham, despite constantly talking up The Royals "project". Two years and nine months ago, Steve Clarke came out in the press and slated one of his own players, saying his actions were "total lunacy" during the transfer deadline day.

In a weird turn of events, Scottish coach Clarke now knows how it feels as Reading and Fulham fans alike are staring at their phones, eyes wide open, mouths gaping, thinking this man's actions are "total lunacy".

Speaking to The Tilehurst End, one Reading fan said, "For a manager to take training in the morning, leave, go to Fulham to have talks over a job and then to turn it down all in one day is total lunacy. What was he thinking?"

Another fan said, "He's such a hypocrite. Talking up a project, only to ditch it at the first opportunity. I guess that's Scottish people for ya."

However, not all Reading fans were shocked. One said, "I've thought he might have a bit of a mental problem for a while, to be honest. Peter Odemwingie's actions back in 2013 would send any manager a little loopy, and he's obviously had a lasting effect. All I'm saying is, this type of thing has been on the cards since he decided to ditch Pogrebnyak, our lord and saviour."

Fulham fans are equally confused.

The Tilehurst End went to the National Football Museum, home of the famous Michael Jackson statue that once stood as a proud ornament outside Craven Cottage, to speak to Fulham fans who still flocked to the statue to pray for a return to the Premier League.

One fan told us he was "traumatised" by the "hope" Clarke had given them, whilst another simply said, "KILTS!" before whirling away and skipping down the corridor. No, we're not sure either.

Another fan said, "Honestly, I'm not sure who this supposed 'saviour' is but if he got sacked by West Brom he can't be all that. To think he's got big enough feet to fill Kit Symons' boots is total lunacy. I loved Kit."

One said, "I'm disappointed, to be honest. Fulham is a massive club. Reading are tiny, tinpot and will disintegrate once Nick Blackman joins us in January. He's made a big mistake and turning us down hints at something not quite right going on in his head."

Ed's note: this is a parody. It is satire. It is sarcasm. It is not to be taken seriously. Unless you feel it is serious, in which case take it seriously. But it isn't.