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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: Clarke's Fulham Faff And Colourful Coffins

There's really only one topic this week: Steve Clarke's Hokey Cokey.

Miles and Daughters

Can you believe it's been a week already? Yes, a whole week. I'm serious. Unlike last time out where you had to wait THREE FRICKIN' WEEKS for this wonderful feature, this time round you've only had to hang about for a week. Lucky you.

Anyway, this week there's not been much going on, to be honest. Bolton, yawn. Football Blogging Awards, yawn. Steve Clarke almost leaving but not, yaw—wait!

Here's how it played out...

First, the news.

Then the immediate reaction.

Then the speculation.

Then more reactions.

Then the official Reading FC Twitter account got spammed a tad.


Then he stayed. U turn!

That. Was. Tense.

Anyway. He stayed. The Tilehurst End went (up north).


Didn't win.

Neither did whoever's in this.

You thought the Clarke tweets had finished? Silly you.

You thought it was cold on Saturday? Silly you...

Still not done with Clarke.

Stacey's mum has got it going on (so a song reliably informs me). Oh, and he's on loan now.

This, just because.

That's your lot.

I'm done. Clarke remains (for now).

My blood is still blue. My wings are still white.

Keep tweetin'.