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View From The Town End: Nottingham Forest

It's been a while since Reading tasted victory on the road so what chance of those overdue three points coming at Nottingham Forest on Saturday?

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

This week Forest fan Nick from our fellow SB Nation chums In The Top One was kind enough to answer our questions.

How would you sum up Forest's season so far?

In a word, frustrating. By and large our performances have been nowhere near as bad as our league position might suggest, it's just that we haven't got anyone who can score any goals. Which, as keen and shrewd football observers will know, is something of a problem. Still, we're two points off the relegation places which is, quite clearly, Not Good. Dougie Freedman gets plenty of criticism, but I actually think he's doing a reasonable job under the circumstances. Speaking of which....

You've had some chaotic times off the pitch including a transfer embargo. How are things looking ownership wise?

Eeesh. Well our owner is a heady combination of someone who seemingly doesn't like delegating and someone who doesn't really know what he's doing. Which is an issue. He's well-meaning and the fact that he hasn't sacked Dougie yet might suggest that he's gained a bit of patience, but it's still not ideal.

How's former Reading captain Matt Mills working out for you?

Reasonably well, although he does keep getting suspended. Well, he's been suspended once. Not the quickest though, is he? If our centre-backs on Saturday are Mills and Jack Hobbs, I'll be worried about what Nick Blackman might do to us.

Any fond memories of games between us?

Last season at your place was pretty good. Also, going back a bit, we played you at the tail end of the 1997/98 season - we needed a win to basically secure promotion, were absolutely trousers for about 85 minutes before Chris Bart-Williams scored. The relief/release in the City Ground was remarkable.

Any not so fond ones?

That game a few years ago where we equalised in about the 89th minute then you got a winner in the 92nd wasn't particularly fun.

Which Forest player should we be wary of on Saturday

Wary might be the wrong word for a defensive midfielder, but David Vaughan's been our best player this season. If Henri Lansbury's in the mood then he could take you apart, but the 'mood' part is the big question.

Any Reading player you're not looking forward to facing?

Blackman, although I see he hasn't scored for a while. Matej Vydra has done awful things to us before, if he's fit. And Garath McCleary, of course.

Score predicition?


Finally, any tips for Reading fans making the trip?

Go to the chippy on Radcliffe Road. It's excellent.

Thanks again to Nick, and you can follow the guys from In The Top One on Twitter @InTheTopOne_