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Reading FC Player Of The Month - October 2015 Results

He might not have a hat-trick on the field yet this campaign, but he's taken all three Player of the Month awards so far this season.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

Yup, it's yet another award for the man who scores goals - Nick Blackman. His transformation this campaign has been nothing short of astounding and he's showing no signs of his great form stopping, winning 81% of your vote.

The other options in the poll didn't garner more than 5% each, though our "other" category picked up 12% - judging by your comments, it looks like Oliver Norwood was the player going under the radar for second place. But a clear second place it was, and Blackman once again has trounced his opposition for the award.

Thanks very much for voting - the results of this month, and previous months, are below.

August: Nick Blackman (44%)

September: Nick Blackman (74%)

October: Nick Blackman (81%)