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Cardiff City 2-0 Reading FC: The Alternative View

The Royals went to Wales in hope and came back with a deserved nothing. This is how the Cardiff fans and media viewed the game.

Following Tuesday’s frustrating draw, Reading headed off to face a Bluebirds team who before yesterday’s game were on a comparable form to Reading with two wins in their last nine games. When does a poor run become a crisis? That’s open to debate, and although we probably aren’t at crisis stage yet, we follow up in two weeks with Bolton at home. If ever a game has been labelled a must win it will be this one.

Defeat away at Cardiff probably understandable, however the performance was far from satisfactory. Defeat or even a draw at home to Bolton, then some serious questions will start being raised and I hope that our Thai owners are the patient kind.

Anyway back to Saturday's performance and it was at best dismal from a Reading side that seemed by all accounts a little lacking in guile. However it seems that all’s not well from the Cardiff angle either. It is fair to say that Marshall in goal for Cardiff had a stunning afternoon so maybe being harsh on the players is a little unfair?

Here’s how the Twittersphere and media reported the game.


Seems that the fans are a little underwhelmed at Cardiff prior to the game…
*gotta get Egregious in the time Reading FC are awful!
With comments like this makes you think how bad Reading were…..
No doubting who the Cardiff MOM was.

The main difference between Cardiff and Reading I feel is that there is still a fair bit of love for Clarke, at Cardiff however……..

We always get stick for not filling a stadium, however this is the Capital of Wales, so you would have expected a fair crowd, as the song goes "your grounds too big for you………"

Lets not get carried away e.g., one Bluebird doesn’t make a spring….


Given the positions of the teams at the start of the day, then it's fairly understandable that this game had at best limited coverage. However, after trawling the news feeds here's what they thought of the game.

The most coverage for this game was given by the two nationals, the BBC and SkySports. Starting with the BBC they make a point that it had been nine hours since a Cardiff player has scored a goal. Then they go and get two against us! There's an interview with Clarke here, and he seems pretty miffed that it was two sets pieces that Cardiff scored.

Over at SkySports there is the usual media round up with a highlights package etc. and they are a little more critical of the Reading team and say that it should have been a more comfortable win for the Bluebirds.

We get contrasting reports in the Guardian and the Mail Online, both are similar in the fact that we are in the round-up section rather than headline reports, but the Guardian states that Cardiff winning failed to tell the story of a Reading side who where dominant, compared to the Mail's report that we failed to get to grips with the set pieces from Cardiff.

Sportinglife Life, ESPN FC and Clubcall as usual always take their leads from Sky, however their is good post match reaction from Russell Slade about Marshall in the Cardiff goal.

Wales Online have a full write up of the game from the Cardiff City perception and seem fairly happy to get the three points after a lengthy barren spell. But still give all the credit to their stopper Marshall who it seems is on a serious run of form.

Looking at other outlets and Inside Cardiff City, call it a tight game between two evenly matched teams, and that Marshall pulled out a number of key saves.

Finally couple, as always check out @thetilehurstend for all the latest views and news and a big shout out to Billericay Town as they are immensely proud of Rowan Liburd making his debut for the Royals.