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Steve Clarke Approval Rating - Final Results

We asked you to rate Steve Clarke's reign as Reading manager as a whole - and the result was lower than any time throughout his year-long tenure.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Ever since Steve Clarke took over we've been running these polls, asking you to rate his time at the club out of 5. The high (4.23) came at the start of September, just after a raft of new signings and a 3-1 victory away at Brentford. The previous low point (3.22) was the beginning of March, when the initial lift after his appointment had worn off and it was back to the reality of dismal results in the Championship.

Well, there's a new low, as you gave Clarke just 2.71 out of 5 - the first time it dipped below 3 during his entire reign. It's important to remember that we've always asked you to rate on the overall record, not just the last month or so, with this final result seeming to show that the fans had lost most of their patience with the Scot. With performances declining and clear discontent amongst the fanbase, it's pretty clear that the ownership had a valid reason to sack Clarke, though the fact that his rating wasn't any lower does suggest most fans did appreciate some of the things he'd done during his time at the Madejski Stadium.

Thanks for your votes - results are below (click for a larger version). We can't wait for the new man to be appointed so we can get these polls running again!