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Goal Music Off The Menu...At Hull

Goal music has long been a topic of debate at the Madejski Stadium and now the same row has opened up at tomorrow's opponents Hull, with a pleasing conclusion.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

At Reading we're no stragers to random introductions to the pre-match, match and post-match 'experience' Whether it's adding a new mascot, DJ MegaParty, different pre-match videos/songs or handing out scarves/banners/clappers/rumblestix/songsheets, the club have tried just about everything. One of the longest running tropes of a Madejski Stadium matchday has been goal music much to the disdain of many fans.

Therefore it'll come as little surprise to hear that Hull fans also didn't take too kindly to their winner over Bolton being followed up with goal music at the KC Stadium last weekend. The tune was swiftly booed by the City fans and now the Hull Daily Mail has reported that the club has decided to suspend the practice and promised to consult fans before making any future changes.

"The club is trying to find ways to improve the atmosphere at the KC Stadium and internally a debate regarding goal music has been going on for some time,"

"Given the reaction of the supporters on Saturday, we will be suspending goal music for the Reading game on Wednesday night as we continue to review the process.

"The club will also poll season card holders for their views on potential changes to the matchday experience. The ultimate say will be with our supporters."

So good news for you Reading fans making the trip up or to those watching at home - at least you won't have music to accompany any goals we concede on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile I can't even remember if we even still have goal music at the Madejski Stadium, it feels so long since we've scored.....