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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: Brian's Back!

A lot can happen in a week. And it did.

Guess who's back?!
Guess who's back?!
Charles Watts (Twitter)

When I first sat down to compile Tweets of the Week on Wednesday morning, I flicked through Twitter and saw that very little of interest had happened since the Wednesday previous. "There won't be a TOTW this week," I muttered to the editorial team, "not much has happened."

A lot can change in just two days. Since Wednesday morning we've had an unfortunate defeat to Hull City (Tigers?) and a certain bald-headed eagl—sorry, manager has returned.

That's more like it.

Let's start with nostalgia from days gone by...

Former Reading FC wideman Michail Antonio has finally been given a chance at his new club. Unsurprisingly, he did well.

Meanwhile, at the Madejski Stadium against Preston, THE FUTURE made a spot on the bench their own.


I like to think none of the regular readers of Tweets of the Week would have anything to do with X Factor, but just in case...

We drew Huddersfield in the cup. Again. Arsenal drew Barcelona in the cup. Again. Charles Watts is frustrated. Again.

Nick Blackman's facial hair has been misbehaving.

NIGEL RETURNS (for a youth team game)!

Better believe he gets fouled.

Reading turned into Barcelona for their opener up at the KC Stadium on Wednesday.

Men, women, children. The below tweet may make you tingle.

True love.

PEOPLE: You should know by now not to make these sorts of bets.

Injury. Crisis.

Guess who's back, back again? Brian's back, tell a friend. Brian's back, Brian's back, Brian's back, *breaks into rap*

Let's finish off with a couple of Mourinho jokes. Because why not?

That's your lot.

Until next time.