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Help Support The Tilehurst End

Want to help take our Tilehurst End Podcast up to the next level? Well now you can.

Over the years a few people have got in touch asking how they might be able to help fund and support the podcast and push us onto bigger and better things. So we thought we'd launch a Crowdfunding page to help give people that chance.

While we're always striving to improve what we do here on the website and have a fantastic platform from SB Nation to do so, there are some times when we need a little bit of a financial boost to go above and beyond what we already do. This is particularly the case with the podcast which while we've made big strides with over the last few seasons, we're at the stage where we need a bit more cash if we want to elevate it by any significant level. With your help we'll be able to buy new equipment and editing software while any spare funds will be ploughed back into the site to help with things like buying merch, subscribing to premium sites to enable new features and various other bits and bobs.

Levels of backing range from a couple of quid that'll get you a shoutout on the show, right up to getting your hands on some merch' and even an appearance on the show itself.

Of course even without any additional financial backing we'll be doing our very best to bring you the best possible experience both as a website and a podcast. Merely by reading this message you're already showing your support for the site and we're very thankful for how far we've been able to come in less than five years. Our motto has always been by the fans for the fans and that's not going to change.

However if you do want to go above and beyond and part with a few quid, please do. Likewise if you're somebody that might be interested in sponsoring the show we're also happy to talk.

Any questions do drop us an email to