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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: #ClarkeOut And Madejski Memories

The Twitterverse is awash with #ClarkeOut and marvellous memories of Madejski.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

This week we're all a tad nostalgic. Recent performances of Steve Clarke's men have us harking back to the bright days where another straight-talking bald-headed manager lead Reading to claim a record 106 points and it's now been 25 years since Sir John Madejski took over at Reading Football Club.


Dive in...

Reading FC Academy product Jem Karacan played in the Champions League. Yes, really.

It did not go down well.


Speculation! Juicy.

Can we bring back Fosu?

George wasn't wrong.


Sir Madejski memories. Ah. The good ol' days.

We love you, John.

That's your lot.

Stay tuned for next week's Tweets of the Week and in the meantime, if you see anything decent, quote tweet @RoyalHoops.