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Reading FC To Preserve Garden Of Remembrance In Royal Elm Park Developments

The club have sent a letter to those affected to ease their worries surrounding the memorial garden, which is on the parcel of land that will eventually host Royal Elm Park.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Reading Football Club have moved to ease concerns of the potential ramifications of Royal Elm Park developments and the Garden of Remembrance.

In a letter sent out to those affected by the developments, Nigel Howe, Chief Executive of Reading Football Club, said:

"During or recent public consultation exhibitions, a number of local residents asked about our plans for Reading Football Club's Garden of Remembrance and I wanted to write to you to confirm our plans with regard to this. We understand that the garden is an important place of reflection for many people, particularly those who have scattered the ashes of loved ones there.

"I would like to offer you the reassurance that we intend for the garden of remembrance to remain in its current location as part of our plans for Royal Elm Park.

"Once the development is complete, the Garden of Remembrance will form part of a new public park of over 10,000sq. m — creating an appropriate and peaceful setting for friends and relatives to continue to visit."

He goes on to explain that they intend to do more than preserve the garden — they intend to improve it.

"I have also recently met with our Club Chaplain, Steve Prince, to discuss this important matter and to ensure we work closely with those who have an interest in the garden, or who have scattered the remains of loved ones there. We envisage making improvements to the garden and would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with families and relatives on ideas of what we might include as part of this."

With the club taking such an interest in the cares of the local community in their planning for Royal Elm Park, it's difficult not to be enthusiastic about the developments. Bless 'em.