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View From The Town End: Wolves

Hope you've all recovered from that Christmas food coma and shaken off the hangover as Reading are back in action this evening as we face Wolves.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Big thanks to Tom from Wolves Blog who gives his views on tomorrow's game.

How would you sum up Wolves season so far?

Increasingly disastrous. We needed to be in and around the play-offs to be considered on track with the fans' aspirations, but it's starting to look like we'll be dragged into relegation strife.

After years of decline it all seemed to be looking up again for the club but you've struggled to put a consistent run together this season. Are fans still happy with Kenny Jackett and is he under pressure from the board?

I don't know if he's under pressure from the board but he's losing the majority of the fans. Personally, I don't think he's the major problem and deserves longer to get it right again, but he's not far from the precipice.

How's our old chum James Henry getting on these days?

He's played more or less every game this season and weighed in with some goals and assists. I've always liked Henry because he's industrious and always trying something. The problem is he's never consistently effective. He can be excellent for two games and then anonymous for months. And it's that lack of consistency that holds him back from playing at a higher level.

Any fond memories of games between the sides?

I always talk about the play-offs in 2003 so I won't elaborate.

Any not so fond ones?

I remember you stuffing us in 1994 at Elm Park. It was on the TV, when ITV used to show Championship matches on a Sunday. Quinn and Gilkes were on the scoresheet if I recall.

Who should we be wary of on Boxing Day?

Jordan Graham has been excellent since coming into the team a month ago. He's fast, tricky and had a hand in practically all our goals of late.

Any Reading player you're not looking forward to facing?

I've always rated Robson-Kanu and he's the type of player our cumbersome defence have struggled to contain in recent times. I imagine he'll cause us problems.

Score prediction?

We're long overdue a home victory but there's an increasing sense of desperation creeping in, which is hard for the team to cope with. I expect a close game and probably another draw - 2-2.

Finally, any advice for Reading fans making the trip?

I recommend the Clarendon pub which is about a 15 minute walk from the ground. You can park close by, enjoy a pint of Banks's in a friendly atmosphere before wandering over to Molineux.

Thanks again to Tom and you can follow the guys from Wolves Blog on twitter @wolvesblog