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Reading FC TOTW: Peak Cringe And Pointless

Last week saw the Yak Attack. This week... Not quite so much Yak, but still an attack on the senses in more ways than one.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Hi bæ.

Didn't get enough of Yakubu last week? Didn't think so.

We all know the official Reading FC Twitter is cringe, but this might be peak cringe.

More Yakubu.

The (ahem) positivity before the negative storm. You have been warned.

Tweets of the Week doesn't do cat pictures, but it does do DOG pictures. Especially ADORABLE dog pictures.

Can you feel that rumble? I sense the negativity coming...but for now, there's time for more positivity.


Nice effort at (ahem) positivity, lads.

Pitch... Invasion... ?