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Royals Draw Bradford In The Cup & The Club Embarrass Themselves

So we know who is in our way if we want to get to Wembley. The club's official twitter account, though, may have misread fans' sentiments at the news.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Thank you Roy Hodgson! Ask Bradford fans who was the easiest team left in the FA Cup and they would have said Reading. Ask Reading fans who was the easiest team (at least on paper) and they probably would have said Bradford. So Bradford v Reading makes everyone happy.

It also means that Bradford manager Phil Parkinson will come up against the club where he is considered a legend. Parky is still remembered fondly by fans after his 11 years of service and 425 appearances. Even now Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a rendition of 12 Parkinsons! You can bet your house that Reading fans will serenade him loud and clear.

But we all want to get to Wembley and so will he. Which makes the tweet below by the club's official twitter account bizarre and embarrassing. Maybe I'm wrong, but I very much doubt many associated with Reading Football Club would agree with that tweet.

I could show you plenty of angry responses from Reading fans but perhaps I should leave the reaction to Chris Gunter:

The exact date and time of the Sixth Round tie is yet to be confirmed. We do know that it will be on the first weekend in March and the last match to be picked by TV, which probably means it will be at some inconvenient time like Saturday midday or Monday evening.

Whenever it is, we're all looking forward to it. It's not often that Reading are on national TV and going by the tweet below the Bantams quite rightly think they should have been on already this FA Cup season. Take note Reading FC, that is how to do twitter: