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View From The Town End: Wigan Athletic

Things can change quickly in 10 months, as both Reading and Wigan go from eyeing up a Premier League return, to trying to avoid relegation to League One. To get the Latics view on tonight's game we spoke to Kieran Heapy from Pie Eaters Footie.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

How would you sum up Wigan's season?

Would you like the answer filled with expletives? Or something more child friendly? The long and the short of it is that we have just been poor and poor and are getting worse. Under Rosler we were okay and had he stayed at the club I don't think we would be as bad off now as we are, we signed a manager who seems clueless sold half our squad replaced it with defenders and we now concede more goals than we were. So to sum up, it has been poor; very poor. I have seen us been out classed many times over the years, but I have never seen such a complete and total lack of heart at times.

Last season you seemed to be flying, missing out in the play-offs and getting back to Wembley in the FA Cup... what's gone wrong?

I wish I knew. Pre-season started with mixture of injuries and large number of new players coming in. They didn't bed in as well as you would like, the older players started some unrest and before you know it our manager was our the door. It appears to be a combination of small things which has just seen us fall to pieces bit by bit.

Malky Mackay replaced Uwe Rosler earlier this season, have you been impressed with his impact?

James McClean is someone who has been a stand out all season for us. One of few players who continually puts his heart out there on the pitch consistently.

Impressed by the fact that I didn't think anyone could do much worse, yet somehow Mackay has managed to do so. He will have to do something spectacular to make me think he should continue to be our manager.

The two sides drew 2-2 on the opening day, what did you make of Reading that day and from what you've seen and heard since?

I thought it was a very even game, and at the time thought I was looking at two teams who would be mixing it up in and around the play-offs. Like us I think you started to struggle finding it hard to really get into a groove, you changed it up with your manager and brought in Steve Clarke who has turned you guys around. Still play-off contenders, if you keep going the way you are wouldn't bet against you.

Who should Reading fans be wary of tonight?

James McClean is someone who has been a stand out all season for us. One of few players who continually puts his heart out there on the pitch consistently. Added some goals to his game this season, and with his pace and determination can prove a handful for any defence.

Anyone that Wigan fans aren't looking forward to facing?

Yakubu think he would really cause us some problems. Player for me who can score against any opposition given a chance and well could see him getting one against our team with the lack of confidence that we have at the moment.

Score prediction?

Love to see a Wigan win, my heart is crying out for one. But see it only going one way and Reading to win comfortably, 3-0.

Thanks again to Kieran and you can follow him on twitter @pieeatersfootie