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Reading FC Chief Nigel Howe Is The Frontman For Thai Band

After revelations about life under Anton Zingarevich last week, Reading Chief Executive Nigel Howe has now spoken about the Thai consortium that now owns the club from Berkshire.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Nigel Howe has been chatting to GetReading reporter Charles Watts again, this time talking about how things work under the Thai consortium.

The consortium were confirmed as our new owners in September 2014. In the accompanying statement, Sir John Madejski revealed that "Khunying Sasima has purchased 25% of the club, Khun Narin Niruttinanon has 50% and Khun Sumrith Thanakarnjanasuth the remaining 25%".

Fans have been concerned of late about how little we've heard from the owners, with Khunying Sasima the only one to ever make a public appearance with the press. Majority shareholder Khun Narin Niruttinanon has never said a word about the club or his intentions.

Even one of their advisors said it is a bit more tricky having three shareholders rather than just one. -Nigel Howe

Chief Executive of Reading Football Club, Nigel Howe, said:

"I think at the moment the way they see it is that they have appointed Sir John as co-chairman. He has spoken to the press on several occasions. They operate very much on a protocol basis and I think that's how they will continue to go forward.

"I don't see any reason in the future why the co-chairwoman, Lady Sasima, will not speak to you guys. But they are here on a limited time basis.

"In individual cases, they all come in at different times. There is another board meeting scheduled and then they will all come in at the same time and that is the way that things are run.

"Even one of their advisors said it is a bit more tricky having three shareholders rather than just one.

"It is different to some other owners because they are not actively living or occupying British soil.

So, how does it work with three shareholders owning the club, with none of them actively living in Britain?

"The way it works is I talk to the advisors, we talk together. I'll be in the room and they'll talk to the owners and then they will come back and say unanimously this is what we have decided we want to do."

"It's all in together. I've never seen it other than it has to be everybody agrees."

Nigel Howe also opened up about how his job role has changed since the new owners won a drawn-out bidding war for the Royals.

"I've taken on more.

"With Sir John I was involved in a lot of other companies, then with Anton I was told it was me and that's it. So I backed out of a lot of the Sir John businesses that I was involved in and concentrated on the club.

"The Thais have now come in and they've said to me that the shareholders can watch all the games, they can ring me on the telephone but they are not going to come here every week.

"They have all got huge businesses back in Thailand and we're talking serious businesses. So they have said you are the frontman and we've got advisors around the place that are based in London.

"They will talk to you, they will talk to us, but you are the person that effectively fronts the club. And if there is a decision to be made, you tell us what you think that decision has to be."

What do you think of this news? Do Howe's comments settle or unease you? Let us know below.