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Reading FC TOTW: Be Careful What You Wish For...

Someone slap Hoops' wrist, he's been far too lackadaisical with his Tweet collating. Nevertheless, he's picked himself up to produce one of the best of the season.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Hi. Sorry for the delay. You know how it is, you procrastinate, then procrastinate some more, then other things happen, then the editor of The Tilehurst End threatens to give you a season ticket and you get that kick up the butt you need. Without further ado, here are the best Tweets since FEBRUARY 11. Sheesh.

We'll start back when Fran Kirby was ripping it up with the England Women's Team.

Then we have perhaps the best Tweet EVER, let alone this fortnight.


Aiyegbeni South Klein has a ring to it.

Moving on, and we have a someone unfortunate picture. Or fortunate, depending on your view.



Hubba. Hubba.

Positivity of positivity positive positive. Oh we all love Nigel.

Actually, screw that. We love this guy.

Okay we may not love Nigel.


Brace yourself, Bradford is coming...

Alright, so technically we're going to Bradford but shut up.

Can't help but agree with you, Chris.

So. Freakin'. Tinpot.

Wigan fans be like:

We be like:

The wrong Pearce scored.

Ban. Ter.

Ta. Sty.


They went and done it.

Former Royal has a chance encounter with Frimpong, it seems...

More young'ns on the way.

Whack this out at the Jazz Club.

Mega balls.

Sir Dodger v Tim Dellor. I'd pay.

Laters, haters. Or lovers. Whichever. All of you!