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View From The Town End: Yakubu

So the Yak is here and apparently means business, but what can we expect from our latest signing? We spoke to Tom from SB Nation's Everton Blog, Royal Blue Mersey.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Most Evertonians agree that Yakubu was probably the best natural finisher the club has had since Gary Lineker in 1985. He cost a lot of money (for Everton) when he joined in 2007 but more than delivered in his first season with 21 goals. Sadly he suffered a really nasty Achilles injury in his second season and was ruled out for eight months. When he did come back to fitness he wasn't the same player.

He also struggled to fit into David Moyes' style, mainly because it involved working hard. Yakubu just isn't the sort of player to chase down lost causes and track back, he is a goalscorer end of. He showed that when he went to Blackburn and scored 18 goals for a side that eventually went down.

Despite it not ultimately working out at Goodison Yakubu remains a bit of a cult hero and I'm sure all Everton fans will wish him well at Reading. At 32 (we think!) he isn't past it by any means and never relied on his pace. If you can create chances in the penalty area he will finish them. Just don't expect him to look interested.

Thanks again to Tom and you can read the thoughts from RBM @rbmersey