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TOTW: The Yak Attack

A collection of the finest tweets from the past week. This week it's mostly Yakubu, and for good reason.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

What. A. Week.

We start way back when Dom Samuel first joined Coventry on loan. He's a big fan of the emoji hands.

It wouldn't be Tweets of the Week without some form of nostalgia.

We can neither confirm nor deny that statement, Mr Radio210.

Guthrie on the move? Well, maybe, but not before deadline day ended.

RUMOURS PRE-WINDOW CLOSURE. Much nice. Or however that doge meme goes.

Oh, right:

Ahem, moving on...

Rumour confirmed. Bid submitted.

Ady stuck his neck out.



Chin up, Nathaniel.

Lasse Vibe was linked with the Royals, so of course the IFK fans start protecting him...

Yep, definitely not worth chasing...

Yakubu. The Yak. Oh. My. Goodness.

Best. Vine. Ever.


It happened.

Pog to Bolton?

... No.

Loan Report turf.

#BushWatch returned.

Giant young centre back Jake Cooper had a birthday.

And yes, apparently Matt Mills is starting up top for Bolton against Liverpool. Seriously.

... Here's that Vine, one more time.