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Clarke: Contract Talks On Hold

Steve Clarke has opened up about looming contract expiration dates.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Fans are getting fidgety with the likes of Adam Federici and Alex Pearce, among others,  on contracts due to expire in the summer, now Steve Clarke has addressed the issue.

He told Reading Chronicle reporter Paul Carey that contract talks are on hold until Championship status is secured, showing fans that relegation is still a very real possibility to those who run the club.

Update: Steve Clarke's full quotes have now been published, as per GetReading:

"Once we know that we are comfortable and safe in the Championship then we can start to plan for the future." -Steve Clarke

"The priority now is to make sure we continue making progress and continue picking up results.

"Without the points on the board, without getting safe and secure in the Championship, any conversation you have is going to be full of ifs and buts.

"Until we can get ourselves into a nice position in the league when we can safely say we can start planning for next season, I don't think there will be too many talks going on at the moment.

"We'll have to make sure we are secure and everything is in shape for these players.

"They know the situation, they are all experienced. They will deal with it, as they have been doing.

"I don't know if it will play on their minds, I don't think so.

"I saw Adam Federci came out with some really good quotes. He understands the situation. I think most of them are like that.

"The club will explain the situation to them.

"We'll sit down, behave like adults and talk it through.

"The most important thing is to get points on the board.

"Once we know that we are comfortable and safe in the Championship then we can start to plan for the future."

This news comes as yet another example of how stringent the new Thai owners are being with Financial Fair Play regulations and possible sanctions looming over the Madejski Stadium.

The Royals signed three players in the January transfer window, but spent nothing on transfer fees.

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