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Reading FC Player Of The Month - January 2015 Results

Adam Federici and Oliver Norwood have taken every vote since September - is it the same result to kick off 2015, or is there a new top dog in the Reading ranks?

Dave Rowland/Getty Images

Same old story - but it's one that Adam Federici certainly won't mind hearing again. The goalkeeper won October's vote and came second behind Oliver Norwood in November and December, but he's back on top of the pile now after taking 52% of your votes.

Pavel Pogrebnyak had a resurgence in form which carried him to second place - this was the first time he was nominated for the award this season. Garath McCleary also picked up his first nomination of the campaign and finished third, whilst Norwood could only manage fourth place this month.

As always, thanks for voting. The results of this month's poll (as well as previous ones) are below.

Previous winners:

December - Oliver Norwood (37%)

November - Oliver Norwood (42%)

October - Adam Federici (37%)

September - Oliver Norwood (71%)

August - Aaron Kuhl (48%)