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View From The Town End: Watford

With Monday's FA Cup replay looming ever larger it's easy to forget we've got the small matter of a Championship game today. Here to give us the Hornet's view is Jon Moonie.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

How would you sum up Watford's season so far?

You've caught us at a good time - this season is brilliant! 2015 so far has been outstanding and we are now the team we dreamed of. Pretty much anyway. As with all teams we have problems and we aren't going to win every game, but we are a better fighting team this season than last.

Two away games were we battled back to win - unheard of since the Pozzo family took over 3 years ago.

You've had more managers than we've had entertaining games this season, has the merry-go-round stopped and are you happy with Slaviska Jokanovic?

Love him. He is making bold moves in games and has sorted out the teams ethos. Any primadonnas that were still around have gone, and the squad we have are pulling in one direction. It felt like they were pulling for themselves last season.

Slav has done that and he is uses lots of rude words in press conferences - naughty!

Any fond memories of games between the two sides?

A draw last season still sticks in the mind. Only a 3-3 draw, but we got to see the magic of Diego Fabbrini in that game... we never saw it again, and hope to see him come back from his loan spell at Millwall as changed man!

Any not so fond ones?

There's only one... and it's too spooky to talk about!

Who should Reading fans be wary of on Saturday?

Get ready to hear and chant to the tune of Spandau Ballet's GOLD


He's banging in the goals and so are Bulldog Deeney and Venomous Vydra. If we don't score you will officially have the best defence in the league!!!

Score prediction?

3-1.. .we'll score, but so will you, we have frailties at the back!

Finally who are you tipping to go up and down from the Championship this season?

Up - Us and Norwich automatic and Derby in the Play Offs
Down - Blackpool, Millwall and Wigan. Theyre all running out of games very quickly!

Thanks again to Jon and you can hear him on the From The Rookery End Podcast, as well as on Twitter @Watfordpodcast