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Bradford City Sponsors Offer Free Travel For FA Cup Tie

Getting down to Berkshire for a hastily arranged FA Cup replay on a Monday night is never easy but some of Bradford's sponsors have now offered to help fans out.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Bradford have sold more than 3,000 of their rough allocation of 4,000 for Monday's replay at the Madejski Stadium but in a bid to shift the 700 or so that remain on sale, two donors have stepped in to help provide free coach travel down to the game.

As reported in the Telegraph and Argus, two donors, one of whom remains anonymous, have stepped in to help make the game more accessible for Bantam's fans who want to make the trip down.

Bradford spokesman James Mason told the paper.

"We appreciate that everything is stacked against supporters going to Reading on a Monday night, but how fantastic that City supporters have rung personally to offer their support by sponsoring coaches."

"We want to bring the noise to Berkshire, we have been the story of the FA Cup so far this year.

"We are the under-dogs, there is no doubt about it and they are planning their own atmosphere"

The specifics of the scheme haven't yet been announced so it's unclear how many coaches or how you qualify for the offer but whatever the case it's a fantastic gesture and will hopefully ensure a totally packed house come Monday night.

Reading themselves offered free coach travel as means of thanking those near 3,000 fans who headed up to Manchester City for our cup quarter-final back in 2011 and it's always a nice gesture whenever it's offered.

You can read more on the Bradford offer here.