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View From The Town End: Bradford City

Just a few hours to go folks! Bradford fans are already well on their way down south and we spoke to Tom from the Bantams Banter podcast to get his thoughts on tonight's game.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

So it's back to the Madejski we go! What did you make of the original tie?

It was a good game, not the prettiest but good to watch. Very competative and Reading showed that they has sussed us out! The ref on the other hand was pants, couldn't keep control of the game on any way!

Based on your pitch some might assume you're a team that bullies teams who aren't used to those conditions. A win at Chelsea shows that's clearly not the case but how have you performed away from home this season?

'Bullies'!? Let me remind you that your first tackle on Gary Liddle at our place was a forearm smash! We've had a good season away and we tend to play better historically away from VP (other than this season). We're in a position where we'll try and play football on any pitch and not complain too much about it while doing so...

Do you see Parky making many changes from the first leg?

No, I think he'll try keep it the same where ever he can and keep the shape that's kept us so solid. We have no new injury worries and the only thing that may slow us down is fitness on the end, we've had so many games recently its not even funny.

Anyone particularly impress you from the Reading side in that first leg?

Both your centre half's, names escape me without googling. But both were pressing our forward and both were very, very solid. Just what you need against us to be fair, and it worked in the first leg.

Given we could see a shoot-out, what's your penalty record like?

Thanks for mentioning this, but we currently hold the record for most consecutive penalty shoot out wins...and its still going! Don't think we have lost in 9/10!

Which would you prefer, a trip to Wembley for an FA Cup semi-final or a play-off final appearance come May?

This answer is split between the fans at the moment. The argument for a Semi Final appearance at Wembley is that this isn't going to happen every year. Where as promotion will always be there.

What's the mood of fans like heading into the game?

Nerves more than anything. Its completely different to our previous games against Sunderland and Chelsea. It'll more like the first leg, which was tentative with an edge of excitement.

Finally, what's your score prediction?

0-0 and to go to penalties....which we will win!!!! Hopefully! Eeeeek!

Cheers to Tom and you can listen to the Bantams Banter podcast here and follow them on Twitter @BantamsBanter