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The Tilehurst End Podcast - Episode 54: Wembley Bound

Wimb and Jonny are joined by Handbags and Rob Langham to reflect on a historic night at the Madejski for Reading FC that saw passions run high during and after the game.

As well as looking back on Monday night's 3-0 FA Cup win over Bradford, the guys reflect on the post-match pitch invasion as well as as an incident of racial abuse that took a bit of the shine off the night.

There's also some brief thoughts on the defeat at Watford, while pub chat looks at what's been the most enjoyable time to be a Reading fan.

All that plus the mailbag and a look ahead to Saturday's trip to Charlton.

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The opening and closing theme is Biscuitmen by Violet Class who have recently announced they're to split. So check them out here while you can.