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Do Reading FC Need A Singing Section At Wembley?

With tickets for Reading's first FA Cup semi-final going on sale next week, we ask whether Royals fan who want to stand and sing should try to get tickets in the same areas?

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

A big game for Reading FC usually results in a debate on social media amongst the fans on how the tickets are sold. Should season ticket holders get priority? Will loyal fans miss out?

We all know though that whatever criteria the club use someone will be unhappy. This though is not an article to discuss whether the club have chosen the correct and fairest criteria (but it should be said that the club did an excellent job in selling tickets for both Bradford games).

Instead we want to ask whether those fans who like to stand and sing at games should try to buy tickets in the same areas?

This same debate was started before Reading's last trip to Wembley by St Pauli on Hob Nob Anyone? He shared his experience of going to two play-off finals with Exeter City:

1st time: Their is no real fan organisation of where people who want to sing will be, the result being that singers are in the midst of non singers and the atmosphere is flat.

2nd time: Singing fans organise to attempt to buy tickets behind the goal in the lower tier if they want to sing, leading to singer/non singer segregation and a much better atmosphere. (Coincidentally this is also the game City win clinching promotion).

It's a fairly simple idea and if done could make everyone happy. Those fans who like to stand and sing will be amongst like minded fans so will hopefully be able to generate a good noise. It would also allow those fans who wish to sit to not find themselves being forced to stand or even worse unable to watch the action.

St Pauli suggested Reading's "singing fans" follow Exeter's example by sitting behind the goal in the lower tier. That would seem a natural place though there could be an argument that a greater noise would be generated in the upper tier with the noise rebounding off the roof. Or should those fans take their traditional Madejski place next to the opposition fans on the side of the pitch?

What do you think? Please vote and leave your comments below?

Below is a stadium plan with the price bands for the match.